About Me

Aspiring Software Engineer. Interested in Robotics, AI, Neural Nets, and all things space. DeveloperBlue on most platforms. Robotics mentor at FRC #Team5599.
Contact Details


  • Java
  • NodeJS
  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • jQuery
  • BootStrap
  • Git Version Control
  • C++
  • Python3
  • Lua
  • Electron
  • GraphQL
  • OpenCV
  • CSS Grid
  • Trello, Slack
  • cPanel
  • Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms
  • Bash/Shell
  • Assembly
  • C, C#
  • PHP
  • Google Scripts
  • Kotlin
  • CoffeeScript
  • mySQL, mySQLi
  • Flexbox
  • JeVois
  • ffmpeg
  • RaspberryPi
Soft Skills
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving

Pace University

Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems
Pforzheimer Honors College
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science2017-2020 with Honors

Benjamin N. Cardozo High School

High School2013-2017 with Honors

BNCHS Robotics Program

Mentor/Software Engineering Consultant
  • Built and currently managing front and back end of high-functionality website that allows students to check attendance over the Google Sheets API, apply for scholarships, review holds, interact with resources, update site information with permission-based actions, etc. in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, and MongoDB
  • Built a python-based robot controller to reduce the costs of purchasing expensive legacy and proprietary hardware.
  • Leading after-school classes teaching High School students advaced computer science concepts, pertaining to vision processing, optimization, motion profiling, etc.
Lead Software Engineer
  • Lead after-school classes teaching High School students intermediate Java
  • Managed teams of people towards implementing various robot subsystems and other management tasks
  • Programmed 120lb robots in Java to compete in FIRST™ Robotics competitions, completing various tasks autonomously and controller-operated with strict deadlines.
  • Implemented Git Version Control for code review and management
  • Implemented real-time "off-board" vision processing and target object tracking using Java and OpenCV.

Independent Developer

Consulting and Solutions
  • Worked with various clients and partners to create, debug, or consult on dynamic software solutions, products, services, and games. This involves a wide range of areas, pertaining to general partnerships, marketing, robotics, game developement, language tutoring, and more.
FIRST™ Robotics Competition
  • SBPLI Long Island Regional #2 Competition - Finalists (2019)
  • Hudson Valley Rally Competition - Finalists (2017)
  • New York City Regional Competition - Rookie Inspiration Award (2015)
  • Brunswick Eruption Off-Season Competition - Future Glory Award (2015)
ARISTA Honors Society
Benjamin N. Cardozo High School (2016, 2017)
  • Participated in various school events and raised money for Lymphoma through Pennies for Patients.
  • Graduated with a 3.5+ GPA
Achievements in STEM
Benjamin N. Cardozo High School (2017)
  • Awarded by the Benjamin N. Cardozo High School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) for achievements in Robotics and spreading STEM throughout the school and community.
HackAttack 2018
24 Hour Hackathon hosted by Queens College
  • Finalist for the Community Connected challenge. Lead developer on team that developed RePixel, an incentivized geocaching recycling application. Presented to a panel of IBM judges.
Gaming for Global Change
Non-profit Organization (2016, 2017)
  • Participated in various Gaming for Global Change events with staff, raising significant sums of money for Charity: Water and other non-profit charities.